Beauteque Subscription Box – August – First Impression

This is my 7th beauty box from and I have thoroughly enjoyed waiting each month to see what I receive. It is not my first (or only) monthly subscription box, but it is one that I have found to be consistent and good value for money. It is advertised to be a box for ‘True K-Beauty Addicts’ which is something I can really relate to. There are 2 different subscriptions to choose from on the website. The Beauty Box: 6 full sized items that range from makeup, skincare and body care for about £17 (site is in US dollars) without postage & The Mask Maven: a variety of 9 masks from wash off masks, sheet masks, lip and eye patches for around £9 without postage. I only get the Beauty Box, although I’m very interested in the mask box. The box gets sent at the end of every month and it really can be a little treat.



Each Month the box revolves around a theme, August’s theme is Kawaii Kit. Honestly I wasn’t 100% sure on this month’s theme or products and it took me a warm up to them. Kawaii to me means super cute packaging, little faces and products a little different. The items in this box just didn’t live up to my expectations in appearance of ‘Cute’. With that said I will go through each item I received and my first impressions.

Milatte Fashionary Fruit Soothing Gel – Watermelon


This is the beginning of why I don’t quite get the theme. Although there is a cute animal on the watermelon packaging, it’s not my definition of kawaii. However from first try I actually enjoyed the feel of this soothing gel. There is a very, very slight scent of watermelon which I don’t mind and it’s a beautiful bright pink colour. It absorbs quickly into the skin, isn’t sticky and is cooling when first applied. I kind of wish the UK summer wasn’t over, as I think this would be wonderful to use after being in the sun and would feel very refreshing on dry skin. It does actually include watermelon extract which can be good for sun damaged skin and is rich in vitamin C. I look forward to keep using this and hope I continue to enjoy.

The Saem Saemmul Single Blusher – CR02


Again, the colour itself may be considered cute, but the packaging is basic. It is a sturdy single blush packaging and a decent size. I have enjoyed The Saem products previously so, even though I don’t understand why it was included in this particular box, I was excited to see the blusher. It’s a lovely baby coral colour, very natural and not too powdery when swatched. It’s a versatile colour that will work well in the up coming colder months, but also works as a summery shade. The colour pay off is good it could be used as an eyeshadow if you wanted to as well.

Mermaid Makeup Brush


Ok, I admit this is quite cute. The pastel green tips on the brush are so aesthetically pleasing and will look adorable on my makeshift vanity. (I seriously need to invest in a good vanity) The bristles are soft and the handle has a nice weight to it. I won’t say it’s the best brush I’ve ever used, but its a decent brush and a nice touch to the box.

Tony Moly Magic Food Banana Hand Milk


I love Tony Moly products. This brand completely falls into the theme of kawaii, their packaging is always so on point and adorably cute. Anything from this brand needed to be added to this month’s box. However, I cannot give a first impression on this particular item due to the simple fact: I hate bananas! The smell, taste, look and feel of bananas makes my skin crawl (I’m talking full on phobia) The milk protein helps revive skin and I know my husband could benefit from a product like this. BUT… It is not staying in the house, no matter how much he wants it (mainly to annoy me). Luckily I have a sister in law (Katesbeautyhome – go check out her awesome page) that also gets this same box each month, as we like to compare thoughts, and she doesn’t mind having 2 of this product. (and to help me get it out the house!)

JM Solution Marine Luminous Pearl Deep Moisture 3-Step Mask


Every box always comes with a mask, and they are normally a 3-step sheet mask. I have enjoyed the previous 3 step masks from past boxes. Having the 3 steps, I normally plan in and make time for when I’m going to use the product, rather than just reaching for an ordinary sheet mask during my daily routine. This one has an essence, sheet mask and eye cream step. Pearl extracts attract me in skincare for their brightening properties. Although I don’t suffer from scarring, sun damaged or dark spots, I do get dull looking skin (Newborn children will do that to you) so I do look for brightening products when purchasing skincare. The packaging, once again, may not be what I would deem as kawaii, but I am looking forward to using the product. Just from feeling the packaging in between my fingers, there does seem to be a lot of essence included in the sheet mask step, which I intend to either use on my body, or save to use the next day in my morning routine.

CC Mint Coin Tissue – Blue


I can see how these could be seen as cute before they are open. There are 6 small round, tablet shaped compact tissues (cleansing cloths) in a plastic tube. Once wet, the coin unravels into a soft cleansing cloth that can be used on face or body. There isn’t much else I can say about this, apart from that it would be really good for travel.

Overall, although I still don’t think all the products fall under the bracket kawaii, I am pleasantly surprised by some of the items. The theme for next month has already been released as ‘Back to Self Care’ and I’m hoping those items match more to the theme.

Are you subscribed to any beauty boxes? Which ones? & do you recommend?

Love SJ


Beauteque Monthly

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  1. I can’t believe you opened a coin tissue!! I want to open mine now haha. I agree with you on everything in the latest box, the theme was hard to understand but some of the products are great. I also like the watermelon and the make up brush. Great, honest review lovely.
    Kate x

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    1. It was great fun watching it expand. Thanks Kate, x

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