Secret Muse -Himiznohana Cover Pact – Review

This is my second review in the ‘try me, review me’ event for Style Korean. In case you haven’t seen my first review on the sun cushion, I’ll give you a little insight to the brand. Secret Muse provides products that give a professional, expert look to gain that wannabe face by using magical make up artist touches to improve the look from beginning to end. This is the second product I received of the ‘giant’ compact that aims to make application easier, whilst also giving the consumer more product. The cover pact is available in two shades and I picked this in the lightest #21. This pact is particularly popular in Japan (best seller) because of the model Yano Shiho and her daughter Sarang. It is even known as the Shinopact.


Himiznohana Cover Pact SPF50+ PA+++

The cover pact is available to purchase from Style Korean for around $40 (roughly £32) slightly more than the sun cushion. The outer cardboard layer is simply stunning with a swirl of pinks, white, orange and rose gold foil accents. Like I said simply stunning! All details on the back are in Japanese (there is a sticker over the details in Korean) and no English is supplied. The compact is beautiful. It’s once again that sturdy pink plastic, just like the sun cushion. However, the lid is a wonderful rose gold tinted mirror with a mini product blurb in English.

High coverage, long-wearing with radiant finish. All day wear foundation pact with hydration and luminous look you love. A radiance-enhancing, long wearing balm type foundation with complete coverage for a fresh and glowing complexion. 

That is some mighty claims and I’ll get into performance shortly. The compact is handbag safe and although the plastic is pink, it doesn’t look or feel cheap. A large mirror is included on the inside, it’s a lovely size and I’ve been continuing to do the rest of my make up routine using the mirror provided. The puff is tear shaped, it’s great for use around the eyes and nose and is nice and soft.


When opened the product is again stunning. As it’s a pact and not a cushion, the product is solid in the pan. It’s the foundation colour with pink swirls throughout. Those swirls are meant to act as a tone-up/colour corrector for the skin. There is a slight fragrance (powdery) but it is very slight and I could only smell it when I sniffed the pan, not when applying the product to the face. This scent didn’t bother me at all but I know some do not like any fragrance in their products. This was the first pact I have used and normally use a cushion foundation with a puff. It was because of this that when I first tried to apply the product to the puff, I didn’t succeed. The puff needs to be swirled in the product to pick it up, not pressed. WIN_20180915_11_34_55_Pro

When first applied to the skin I found it heavy and thick, almost tacky. This is meant to be a high coverage foundation but because of the claims of a hydrating, glowing finish I wasn’t expecting the tackiness. I also noticed that when I applied it to the skin the shade was darker than I thought. I had to double check I hadn’t chosen #23 instead of #21. Although darker than I thought it would be it actually ended up being a good match. Now this either means, I normally wear shades too light for me, I’ve picked up a tan this summer or that the pink swirls really do colour correct and help the foundation tone up. I’m going to say the 3rd. Honestly, on first application I didn’t like the foundation. I prefer a lighter coverage and feel and I just thought it was too tacky, not glowing at all. I was wrong!

Once this foundation was blended into the skin that heavy feeling disappeared. It felt like a light weight foundation, but I was getting high coverage. That tacky feeling was still there though (slightly). I could still feel the foundation when I touched my face and I didn’t feel very radiant. Then I powdered. My whole view changed again. With powder this foundation really worked for me. I felt radiant, I had full coverage and I didn’t feel like I was wearing any foundation. This isn’t meant to be matte and  I found it doesn’t dry out on the skin. The claim of hydration really seems to come through, I experienced zero breakouts and no dry patches. It also lives up to the long wear claims. I wore this multiple times from around 9am to 9pm and saw very little disruption to my base.

IMG_20181001_093507Before, once first applied, after (moles covered)

Overall I actually really like this foundation. For someone who doesn’t usually like a full coverage foundation this is definitely a foundation I will keep reaching for, but only if I powder. The packaging is wonderfully stunning and I truly feel like the brands message shines through this product. Something magical but accessible.

Have you tried a cover pact foundation before? What was your experience? Let me know.

Love SJ

*all thoughts are my own, and the product was kindly gifted in exchange for an honest review*


Style Korean – Secret Muse Himiznohana Cover Pact

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