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Etude House is a brand I have loved for a while and was actually my first taste at Kbeauty (Korean Beauty). The brand is such a cult classic in the Kbeauty sphere and they’ve remained a staple in my makeup bag ever since first purchase. The packaging was what first caught my eye, most things being very cute and girly. Don’t get me wrong I love a high end lux item, but there is something so appealing to me about having these cutesy items on my vanity. I find Etude House products to give me great quality products in adorable, fun packaging, which covers all my wants. When I first saw an advert for these lip tints, I knew I wouldn’t be able to resist. I love a lip product (I probably already own too many) and I find they really complete my looks, especially as I don’t tend to do much on my eyes. These were a July summer release and I placed an order on YesStyle as soon as I could. I may have had to wait a month but they were worth the wait. They can be bought individually for £7 or in a set for £23. It should be known however, that the set does not include ‘Great Grape’ and this can only be bought separately.


The whole concept is centred around soda bottles, vending machines and fruit flavours. When bought individually the packaging is a cardboard shaped vending machine in the flavour’s colour.  The set carries on the vending machine theme, by being a bigger plastic version of the individual packaging. Each tint is in the shape of tiny soda bottles. The packaging is a see-through plastic showing the product and colour inside with a ‘Soft Drink Tint’ label around it. The individual names are not included on the bottle packaging (only product numbers on the bottom). The lid twists off (like a real soda bottle) and a soft doe-foot applicator is included. Each tint is meant to be moist and light like water with vivid colour and a gel like texture. Just like an actual soft drink.


The Soft Drink Tint is available in 5 shades/ flavours: Milky Soda, Zero Red, Grapefruit Fantasy, Peach Tok Tok Tok and Great Grape. Each have their own appeal and the shades are perfect for a soft day look or vibrant evening one. The vibrant, fun shades really reflect the summer release but these will be something I will continue to reach for in the autumn months. Four of the tints have a texture that really feels like gel and glides on like water. This really works well as a gradient or full lip and the tint stains! I actually prefer a staining lip tint, that way when the colour fades, it fades gradually and non patchy. Milky Soda is the only one I think doesn’t fit that description. They all smell fantastic and fruity. Remember the smelly gels pens from school. Just like those, sweet, fruity and I can’t resist!

Milky Soda – Bottle, lid and applicator.

Milky Soda comes in the light blue bottle and is more of a gloss, or a topper than a tint. The gloss is shear with pink, lilac reflects throughout. Grapefruit Fantasy comes in the peach bottle and the peachy, coral colour is gorgeous. It’s quite a vivid bright shade. Peach Tok Tok Tok confusingly comes in the pink bottle. This is a soft pink shade that I truly love. It’s almost a dusky rose. Zero Red is in the red bottle and is a beautiful red tint with an almost orange undertone. Finally Great Grape comes in the purple bottle and is a shocking grape, plum colour.

Top to Bottom: Milky Soda, Grapefruit Fantasy, Peach Tok Tok Tok, Zero Red and Great Grape

They all apply well, Milky Soda does however, remain tacky. If this wasn’t included in the set I’m not sure I would have purchased this individually. I have reached for this a few times, and I do enjoy it. It’s just not a colour I tend to normally pick. I’m not sure if I have a favourite in this range. I tend to just rotate the shades depending on how I feel that day or the colour of my eye look/blusher. I am extremely happy I got these cute little lip tints. Not only do they look adorable on my vanity, but I really enjoy the formula and feel of these on my lips. Etude House will continue to be a favourite of mine and I look forward to the next fun product they come up with!

Have you tried Etude House? Do you have a favourite Korean Beauty brand? What do you think about fun packaging? Let me know in the comments.

Love SJ


Yesstyle – Individual Soft Drink Tints

Yesstyle – Soft Drink Tint Set

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  1. Aleeya Azimulla says:

    Omg! I love the names that they Chose for these shades! By the way, these shades look great on you!

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    1. Me too I love the name Grapefruit Fantasy! So magical. Thank you! They are such good, versatile shades!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. alattestyle says:

    I love etude house and these tints look great! Even though I’m really into cute packaging, this particular release is a hard pass for me ❤

    Liked by 1 person

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