Colourpop x Disney Designer Collection – First Impression/ Swatches – Makeup

I love Disney! Disney animation, Disney Pixar, Disneyland and anything Disney related. So when I saw Colourpop were collaborating with Disney I knew I had to get it. Like many I grew up watching the Disney films and wishing I could be a princess, wanting to go on adventures and sing and dance my way through life. The Disney princesses were my first role models, who I aspired to be. I wanted to meet a charming Prince, have my best friend be an animal, wear a pretty dress and oh I really wanted my own library. Life went on, I grew up but Disney still remains an important part of me. I met my prince, wore my princess dress, had my hen in Disneyland Paris, and got a Disney tattoo (another is being planned) and now I’m loving life introducing Disney to my baby girl. Seeing this beautiful makeup collection just made me smile and I managed to get the majority of the collection.


The concept of this collaboration is centred around six of the Disney Princesses from different decades. Ariel, Belle, Snow White, Cinderella, Jasmine and Tiana. Each princess has been given a designer glam up, a new outfit to wear. Something that individual princess would have worn to their own movie premier, in the release year. The makeup collab, is to coincide with this look. I think this is fantastic idea. Most people when they hear Disney think childhood, or children. This designer concept attracts to the makeup loving adults too.

When I first saw the products I knew this was my type of makeup style. The packaging and concept drew me in, the shades used are nothing spectacular at first glance, very much everyday shades, nothing too wild. I love this! Not only does this give the collaboration room to grow (anyone else want a villans concept?!) But it also appeals to a wider audience. People will buy this purely for the Disney label, not the shocking colour spectrum included. I don’t know about you, but as much as I love to look at amazing  bright eyelooks, it’s not something I wear day to day. These products are something I can use day or night. I know for some they were expecting more, but this was just right for me. All little details of this collaboration call to my inner Disney child and I hope others find it as pretty as I do.


A Princess Thing – Eyeshadow Palette (£20)


This 15 eyeshadow palette is truly beautiful. No mirror is included unfortunately but I’m not too mad at that. The shade names are adorable and I found the formula buttery and pigmented when swatching. Talc and Dimethicone are used so beware if you are sensitive to these ingredients. Carmine is also used, so although cruelty free, it is not vegan. If you were to buy anything from this collection I would recommend this first!


Dream Big – Ultra Glossy Lip Bundle (£6 each)


3 lip glosses with the cutest names! Bibbidi is more of a topper than the other two. They aren’t too tacky or sticky but I found them to be very sheer. I had to build up layers to get a colour payoff. To be honest I think the other two are very similar and don’t look that different. I would wear these for a daily natural look to give a little pop on the lips but I prefer a lipstick or tint over glosses.


Fairy tale Moment – Super Shock Shadow Foresome (£5 each)


There are 6 of these available and the names are song titles from each princess’ movie. I have 4 of them and the colour payoff is wow! I have 2 that are ultra metallic and 2 that are ultra glitter. I love these and they apply best with a finger. Talc is not included in the ingredients but they do contain Dimethicone and Carmine. They are super soft and easy to blend which is always a plus for me.


Kiss the Girl – Lux Lipstick Bundle (£7 each)


6 lipsticks, each named after a princess. The shade is meant to be a shade that The princess would wear to their movie premier. Yes Snow White is a stunning red! I was the most excited for these before purchase. The packaging is beautiful and there is a nice weight to the bullet, so doesn’t feel cheap. They feel soft on the lips and are non drying. Surprisingly for a red lip lover, Belle actually ended up being favourite of the six with Cinderella being a close second. I have tried using these as a gradient lip and prefer this more subtle way. This is personal preference though.



The collection is available on both Colourpop and Disney online (US sites). I bought from Disney as I have an account, but it should be known that shipping is expensive whereas Colourpop offer free global shipping over $50.

Overall I was really impressed with this collection and enjoyed letting my inner Disney out! The packaging is beautiful and eye catching and the products themselves actually work. I’ve been really enjoying using the super shock shadows as an all over colour with a little eyeliner and mascara. What do you think about this collection? Is there anything here you would want to get? Is it what you were thinking when seeing Disney x Colourpop? Let me know in the comments, let’s chat!

Love SJ


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