Bomibag Subscription – August -First Impression

Bomibox/ Bomibag (depending on subscription) is a new subscription for me and this is actually my first time receiving it. I’m a huge fan of subscription boxes in general as I really like to try different types of skincare and makeup often. Bomibox is a monthly Korean Beauty Box that includes 8 full sized/ deluxe samples for $37.99, (£28) The products range between skincare, makeup and beauty tools. Very similar to the Beauteque box. The Bomibag is the subscription I’ve gone for. This can include Korean/ Japanese beauty samples; deluxe, travel-sized, foil samples, tools, and masks. The cost, $19.99 (£15).


The products are sent in a cute bag and from first glance at the items I was pleasantly surprised and excited to start trying them. There ended up being 2 full sized items, 2 samples and 2 sheet masks.

Rovectin – Cica Care Balm


This first item is actual full sized at 40ml and costs $38.50 (£30) on StyleKorean. Rovectin are a relatively new skincare company whose philosophy is that ‘everyone deserves access to safe, pure skincare solutions.’ All products are hypoallergenic and they don’t include any irritant or potentially harmful ingredients. Perfect for sensitive/ dry skin. Notable ingredients: Madecassoside & Centella Asiatica Extract, both promote wound healing. It also includes Calamine to soothe irritated skin. This particular product is designed as a rescue barrier for damaged/ irritated skin and a little goes a very long way. The texture is quite thick but absorbs quickly. It feels nice and soothing on the skin and I think this would be really useful during breakouts, over exfoliating or shaving. At £30 I feel it’s a little steep, but I am enjoying. I don’t think I’ll repurchase however as I personally prefer Klairs Midnight Blue Calming Cream.

Pyunkang Yul – Nutrition Cream


Pyunkang Yul is another relatively new brand developed by the renowned Pyunkang Oriental Medical Centre, known for treating atopic skin disorders. All products within their range are made with minimal ingredients for maximum benefit. The Nutrition Cream contains Sodium Hyaluronate, good for wound healing. This is also a thick creamy texture that absorbs quickly into the skin. The skin remains soft to touch for hours afterwards too! Even the little sample tub comes in the typical blue packaging which is a nice touch. This item is available from Yesstyle and is sold at £28 for 100ml. I would purchase this item at full price. I’ve used the sample 3 times and still have product left in the 9ml tub, just think how long 100ml would last me.

Heimish – “Dailism” Serum Rouge in Languid Afternoon


This is the other full sized item. Heimish is more know for the cult favourite All Clean Balm, which is one of my favourites. I haven’t actually used any of their makeup before, but have heard good things. The bullet tube looks stunning and is magnetised to close. I like this little detail. The colour is a beautiful muted pink that looks very pretty on the lip. It’s creamy when applied and very soft, I’d be careful in the heat as it might melt. This particular item I can’t actually find to buy on any of my normal websites. It may be available in other countries but unfortunately I’m unsure.  I did find it on eBay for £27 which seems a little expensive. Other Heimish lip products are around £12-£15. I do like the colour and creamy formula, however I have so many different lip products that I would just use what I have rather than repurchase.

Whamisa – Organic Flowers/ Apple Sebum Treatment


Whamisa are an organic skincare company that use a natural fermentation process with their products. This gives their products a distinctive scent, and although a natural fragrance it can be quite overpowering. I have used/ own a few Whamisa products that I enjoy, so was excited to see this sample included. I had to look this particular item up, as I was unsure how to use it, or when to include in my routine. I discovered to use it after toner, basically an ampoule and it can be used as an all over treatment or targeted to built up sebum. The ingredients include green tea leaf and apple extract to cleanse and brighten. To help soothe and reduce inflammations it also contains camellia and dandelion ferments. The texture is quite runny, and in the sample container it is difficult to use/ waste product. It does absorb well and there is no tackiness. I’m on the fence with this, I really enjoy the brand but haven’t really noticed any change in keeping my sebum under control. Could need prolonged use. This is available to purchase from in deluxe miniature (£5.50 20ml) or full sized (£22 120ml) The full sized does come with a pump so application should be easier.

A’pieu – Fruit Vinegar Sheet Mask – Pomegranate


A’pieu is a brand whose demographic are young woman in their teens and twenties, by provided cute and fun products with childlike innocence touches. I have a few A’pieu items and have thoroughly enjoy each single one. The sheet mask is available on Yesstyle for £1.90 (1 sheet) and also in lemon. I would 100% buy again. I have quite a small round face, and can find it a struggle to get sheet masks to actually fit me. This one was on the smaller size, so a big plus! The material itself was a soft cotton that felt wonderful on the skin. Although thin it wasn’t to delicate and was easy to unfold without damage. The pomegranate, vinegar and AHA’s make this mask soothing and hydrating which I can say happened. There was no stinging sensation and once removed the remaining essence absorbed wonderfully into my skin with no tackiness. Loved it.

Missha – Airy Fit Sheet Mask (Aloe)


I again own a few Missha products, but from their make up range rather than skincare. The mask itself is meant to be thinner cotton than other sheet masks on the market and you can really tell. It wasn’t so delicate that it would rip, but it did adhere to the face very well and went completely transparent. This mask was soaked in essence! Not only did it drip when removing it from the packaging, it also continued dripping down my neck once on the face. It did fit my small face well though. The Airy Fit masks are available in various different ‘flavours’ (what do you call them?) The aloe in this one is designed to add moisture to dry, tough skin and retain that moisture. My skin was left looking dewy and plump which was lovely. Due to the amount of essence it did take a while (about 8 minutes) to dry down, it never felt tacky or sticky on the skin and there was no noticeable scent. For only £2.56 on Yesstyle (1 sheet) I would purchase again and I wouldn’t mind trying out the others in the range.

Sorry this ended up being a longer post than I originally planned. Overall I thoroughly enjoyed the Bomibag and am looking forward to next month to see what’s included. What do you think about a subscription box revolving around samples? Do you receive the Bomibox/bag or any beauty subscriptions?

Love SJ



Rovectin – Cica Care Balm

Pyunkang Yul – Nutrition Cream

Whamisa – Organic Flowers/ Apple Sebum Treatment

A’pieu – Fruit Vinegar Sheet Mask (Pomegranate)

Missha – Airy Fit Sheet Mask (Aloe)



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