Laneige – *Sparkle My Way* Layering Cover Cushion & Stained Glasstick (Limited Edition) – Make Up

I would consider myself a lover of make up and I’m sure my husband and bank account would agree with me. However, just because I love playing with make up, doesn’t automatically make me good at it. I am always looking for easy to use products that can give me what I want without being overly difficult to use. I have always leaned more towards natural looking make up. Light to medium coverage, a dewy/ semi matte finish and simple eye & lip looks. Nothing too strong or bold but just complements. (comfort zone is firmly stuck to!) A number of years ago I discover Korean beauty products and saw products aimed for that more natural glowing look that I was after. I was sold!

I am always drawn to cushion foundations/BB creams. I love the easy application and convenience of the packaging. I honestly don’t need anymore cushions in my ever growing collection, but when I saw this collaboration between Laneige and artist Kim Gun-Joo I knew I was going to end up buying it. ‘Sparkle My Way’ is Laneige’s 5th ‘Laneige meets Fashion’ project and is meant to celebrate women who embrace their uniqueness, to let every woman shine in her own way and Laneige want to play a vital role in helping them glow by adding a bit of sparkle.


I live in the UK and at first I found this difficult to get a hold of. (typical international problems) I could see the items on the Laneige website but there was no option to add to basket. Others items on the same website could, just not these limited edition packaging versions. Hooray for who after a few days of release had a couple of the items on their website. I bought two items, and after a month waiting for them to be dispatched and arrive I finally owned the Layering Cover Cushion SPF 34 PA++ NO.13 Ivory and the Stained Glasstick No.6 Red Spinel. (£23 & £17.50 respectively). The foundation is only offered in 2 shades (common for Korean base products) and there are 4 shades available in the limited edition Glassticks packaging (10 shade normally). It should be noted that original version of the foundation is available in 8 shades. The cardboard packaging on both are by Kim Gun-Joo with a light blue and white design and the words ‘Sparkle My Way’ front and centre with the classic silver Laneige symbol underneath. I really enjoy this playful, bright packaging and feel it really helps reflect the message for this collaboration.


Starting with the Layering Cushion, the compact is a more oval shape than circular and is a white plastic with the light blue and yellow stars on the front. It’s easy to wipe clean and it does look nice and bright in my collection. Opening it up there is a big mirror and a tear drop shaped puff. The puff is soft to touch and the tip is sectioned off and meant to be used with the added concealer. Yes, this cushion foundation also includes a matching concealer. The concealer part of the puff is meant to give a semi-matte finish whilst the air puff  meant to give a hydro-radiant finish.


Concealer on the left 2.5g and Foundation on the right 14g

There is a slight fragrance to the product, but it’s not too over powering. Personally I don’t enjoy the concealer part of this cushion, it is slightly too yellow for me even though the foundation shade fits me well. I would have preferred it to be lighter and more brightening. It does however cover my dark circles and does blend well with the puff, I just don’t like the colour match. The foundation has a light coverage that could be built up to medium, but it won’t necessarily cover blemishes, just even out the skin tone. The finish is dewy and very natural looking. I would recommend setting with a powder as, like most dewy finish foundations, it can slip and transfer. I found it very lightweight on the skin and sometimes forgot I’d even done my makeup that day. This is was definitely an impulse buy based on packaging that I’ve come to thoroughly enjoy. It has been wonderful this summer as a daily foundation, I have however not continued to use the concealer.


My second purchase was the Stained Glasstick. Again it is decorated with the yellow and light blue stars which adds that sparkle to the long, thin silver tube. The bottom (or top depending on how you want to stand it) shows the colour of the lipstick and I really like this added detail. ‘Red Spinel’ is a bright coral red shade (each shade is inspired by a natural gem stone) that works well as both a gradient/ full look. Although a bright shade, I found it looks quite natural and isn’t too strong for me. I have both built it up for a stronger colour pay off, and smudged out a single swipe for a softer finish.

The formulation feels very hydrating and moisturising on the lips and is meant to provide a water-stained glow that is clear and light reflecting. It remains soft and dewy with a slight shine without drying down and therefore can be transferred when eating (or kissing). Feels very similar to the Laneige Two Tone Tint Lip Bar. However, although there can be transfer, and it does slowly fade after a few hours, there is a beautiful stain left behind. This is a lip product that I have been reaching to most days since arrival and can see myself reaching for, even as autumn rolls in. Even though the packaging is adorable and that drew me in, I just genuinely enjoy this lipstick and will look to add more to my collection at a later date.

Are you drawn in by beautiful packaging? What products have you purchased just because it looked pretty? Let me know in the comments.

Love SJ



Laneige Layering Cover Cushion (Limited Edition)

Laneige Stained Glasstick (Limited Edition)



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  1. Such an amazing post, I loved it!!💗💗

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  2. You and your cushion foundations haha. I don’t know how you have room for anymore. I think the coverage is way to natural for me (you know how I like to cake). The lip tint looks nice and I agree with you on being a sucker for packaging.
    Kate x


    1. I just can’t seem to resist them! Yes I think it’s too light coverage for you, lovely finish though. I think you’d enjoy the tint for day to day use and school runs. SJ x

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